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Beautiful photography is a blend of planning and spontaneity. Above all, it’s a collaborative process.
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    We understand what it takes to tell a compelling story through photography. We'll create stunning visuals that will capture your audience’s imagination. Drone-tography will take your Aerial Real Estate photography to the next level with our high resolution images and video.

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    Drone-tography is one of the only aerial photography companies in Kansas to offer Thermal Imaging. From roof inspections, power lines, solar panels, building HVAC units to search and rescue, Drone-tography can assist you with any thermal imaging need.

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    Make it easy for your customers to view your commerical locations in crystal clear detail, from all angles. Evoke a sense of desire and transparency through our professional product photography. Show off the specs of your product, model its ideal uses, and communicate its value all by using our aerial photography.

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